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Certificate of Appreciation AWARDED TO For selfless dedication and support of our mission to help children suffering from long-term or permanent medical hair loss. On behalf of the Locks of Love Board
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Hi everyone welcome back it's me Chiba and welcome to the fourth part and the last part in the Valentine's Day series this part is a part which I made especially for you I know that some of you had a really busy week and a tight schedule and tomorrow's Valentine's Day and you might not have anything ready so especially for you I made a free printable love coupons that you can just print and make for your Valentine's and I think it's a great great good and I decided to share with you because I believe we should all spread the love on Valentine's Day all you have to do is go to my website chiba style calm download the free printable and follow these next few simple simple steps okay so once we have the coupons print it out you have this black line all around the coupons and in between and what you need to do is just to cut on this line some of the coupons are sweet and lovable like breakfast in bed and a date night and some are just fun like this coupon you in one fight and get out of trouble free pass so I hope you're gonna like it so let's begin to cut okay once we have all those coupons can't we gonna organize them by that order that we want first find this the cover coupon and this one's gonna be on top and now we're just gonna organize them according to the order that you want once we finish just make sure that all the coupons are on the right side that you don't have one that is like this the other way around so as you can see I made this white length part here especially for you all we gotta do now is just make two holes when we hold him all of them together and afterwards we're gonna tie it down here once we have it cut you can take whichever kind of bow that you want cut it into a small section like I did here and what we gonna do now we're gonna put it in here and that's it we have our love coupons ready I really like the way it turned out to be don't forget that you have these blank coupons where you can write whatever you think is suitable for you please consider these coupons as a Valentine's present from me to you just to show my love and my appreciation for the last month and a half please share with me your thoughts on these coupons if you gave in to your Valentine's what did your Valentine think about it and what kind of things would you add as a coupon have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Valentine's I'll see you next time bye